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Corrective Chiropractic Care

We offer Corrective Chiropractic services based upon researched principles that work. You will be evaluated from a structural (biomechanical) stand point via Digital x-rays and a functional (neurological) stand point via Electronic Nerve Testing. After we find out the cause or source of your problem we will treat it until we reach your body’s maximum point of recovery. Usually this is accomplished by adjustments and spinal decompression.


Adding Pilates to the corrective treatments helps to restore your Core balance and trunk stabilization which gives you the best chance of keeping your correction long after treatment has stopped. You must re-educate your core and trunk to their new corrective state then strengthen these areas to complete your recovery.

Therapeutic Massage

Deep therapeutic massage is essential to loosen soft tissues if the maximum ranges of motion are to be reached in every problem area being treated. We have adopted a special technique that is used in the South Pacific which allows a deeper force that is more evenly distributed so it is more tolerable to the patient. This helps our therapists to accomplish deeper effects on people who normally can’t handle deep tissue work. Our therapists are trained to reach your maximum allowable depth with the least amount of discomfort. Over time our therapists learn your body by working with you as a partner working towards your full recovery.

Cold Laser Therapy

We have all the modern physical therapy tools including “Cold Laser” which was just approved by the FDA. Clod Laser has deep healing capacities which might be found to have further reaching results than ultrasound diathermy.

Physical Therapy

We offer rehabilitative services designed to help eliminate pain, reduce swelling, promote healing, increase function, increase strength, increase coordination, increase joint stability through the use of physio-therapeutic modalities (electro-stim, tens, interferential, ultrasound diathermy, vibro-massage, traction, heat & ice) and hands on procedures. We have Licensed and trained Physical Therapists who can help create a specific treatment plan to match your situation. Our therapists are trained to help patients recover to their pre-injury levels and even reach new levels of performance beyond what they thought was possible. You can bring in your own prescription from your doctor or we can write one for you. Physical therapy is covered by insurance.

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