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We believe that the more tools we have available the more people we can help. With over two decades of practice experience we have learned that combining old and new disciplines can only help to accelerate our patients healing. Not all Irvine chiropractors are the same. At Fisher Chiropractic we have incorporated the latest proven technology to help refine the old arts of chiropractic, massage and Pilates or brought them into the 21st century.

Some of our most rewarding cases involve:

We can help people of all ages here in our Irvine Chiropractic office

Chiropractic can help just about anyone, regardless of their age.

Youth Headaches

I enjoy helping young children eliminate their headaches. I suffered from migraine type headaches when I was young. I too received chiropractic treatment that helped eliminate my headaches forever! I still remember how bad my head hurt when I was little and I don’t want any child to feel that way. Helping kids to become pain free is one of my greatest purposes!


I have been trained in the treatment and diagnosis of scoliosis. I was involved in a research study at UCI in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I worked with Orthopedists and learned techniques that are designed to help slow, stop and in some cases correct scoliotic curves over time. Here at our Irvine chiropractic office we take initial digital x-rays and follow-up films to monitor the changes in patient’s curves to make sure we are successful. Now with the addition of spinal decompression we are confident our ability to help more types of scoliotic patients will increase.

Pregnant moms with low back pain

My wife experienced low back pain during her pregnancy with our first son and I treated her. During that stage of our lives it seemed all of our friends were pregnant too! Over the years I’ve treated over a 100 pregnant moms and helped them with their low back pain. I appreciate moms not wanting to take medication during their pregnancy. We have developed many different treatment techniques to help moms during this special time.

Sports injuries

Being an athlete myself and coaching kids for the past 10+ years I truly enjoy helping people get back out to compete. I have invested in a great deal of treatment equipment designed to help patients with any type of sports injuries. We are able to diagnose and treat anything from a sprained ankle to rotator cuff injury. We can also over expertise to help prevent many injuries from reoccurring.

The most dedicated and active patients get the best results

The type of care we provide in our Irvine chiropractic office is not passive. You must take responsibility for your health and it must be of the highest priority. The two most common analogies you will hear us use will be” Chiropractic is like Orthodontistry, the adjustments are like braces and Pilates is like wearing a “retainer.”

It usually takes much more time than you thought to correct the things that went wrong in your body. You must have patience to be a chiropractic patient! You must be willing to do the work to get better. When you are given your treatment plan you must stick to it until it is complete. That means make every visit when they are scheduled and once you are here finish your treatment and your exercises.

If you have been to see other chiropractors in Irvine or tried other treatments without results – give Fisher Chiropractic a call! We’ve been helping Irvine families with their wellness needs for over 20 years and we can help you too!

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