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Chiropractors in Irvine : What to Expect

Your First Visit

Once you arrive to our office we’ll ask you to sign in and complete the initial paperwork if you haven’t already done so. To save time you can download and complete our “New Patient Packet” prior to your first visit or we can fax it to you. Our staff should have already verified your insurance so you have a clear idea of your coverage and financial responsibilities. Once complete you’ll meet Irvine chiropractor, Dr. Fisher.


Your first visit will consist of a history that will be focused on your chief complaints and the possible causes behind their existence. A functional exam will be conducted by the doctor to test your body’s Bio-mechanics (your bones movement and position) and Neurological function (are your nerves equal). The first evaluation almost always is concluded with Digital X-rays and Electrical Nerve testing if time allows.

Digital X-rays

If Digital X-rays are taken they can be viewed within seconds and explained to you by the doctor. Most chiropractors in Irvine would agree that X-rays are vital in determining the position and movement of your bones to give a clear Bio-Mechanical cause to your problem. These Digital X-rays are considered the Blue-Prints to your treatment as they show the correct direction your bones will need to be adjusted.  They also allow us to track your progress visually and show our patients results like these.

In many cases the Electrical Nerve testing results take at least one more day for the findings to be interpreted so the doctor is able to explain them to you.


Depending upon your specific case you might be able to receive treatment on the first visit but no guarantee because we take your health and safety seriously. You will not receive any treatment until you completely understand what needs to be done and agree with the course of treatment.

We will take time to answer your questions!

After your first visit is complete if you have any further questions with regards to your insurance or costs our office manager Marilyn will sit with you to go over your finances.

Finally one of our receptionists will help you setup your schedule for your returning visits if necessary. If you have any questions during your first visit please don’t be afraid to ask our staff for help. We love to show off what we know!

Your Second Visit

Irvine Chiropractor : Your Visits

Our rehab center.

Depending upon the treatment plan you and the doctor discussed on your first visit will determine who you see on your second visit. You might be introduced to one of our trained massage therapists or Pilates instructor or our physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment.

On your second visit you might want to dress appropriately or bring clothes to change into for massage or a Pilates workout. On the second visit you should be receiving some type of treatment unless your case is unusual and dictates otherwise.

Providing quality personalized care and a variety of services is what we believe sets us apart among other chiropractors in Irvine. If you have questions or concerns please give our Irvine chiropractic office a call and put your mind at ease.

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